Sunday, April 5, 2009

Balmuda Design Laptop Computer, Memory tone,

(Laptop Computer 01)

(Laptop Computer02)

BALMUDA Design creates some very streamlined, smart technological accessories including these sleek laptop components.

(Laptop Computer03)

(Memory Tone04)
The Memory Stone is shaped in porcelain and has a nice surface, which is at the same time easy to write small messages or phone numbers on with the matching pen. The pen is placed in a holder in the stone for easy access. If you need to change the message then simply lift the porcelain part and use the small cleaning sponge mounted on the base.
(Table Lamp05)

Finnish design firm Tunto, and its founder Mikko Kärkkäinen have won this year’s for this innovative and modern table lamp. Sans all visible switches, users control the installed LEDs through “gentle touch.” Available soon through Finnish Design Shop.

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