Friday, April 3, 2009

Roller Toaster, killing Time,Rocking slippers,Chocolate Keyboard0

(Roller Toaster05)

2006 red dot award winging design not only toasts bread. But it also allows the user to watch the slice magically transform before their eyes? From cold and squishy to hot’n crispy. Rollercoaster’s compact footprint is exceptionally smaller than conventional toasters and its form (a lot like the classic power strip is modem, clean –lined and adaptable to any environment

(killing Time06)

Hack a retro gaming light gun with tilt switches to control a intage digital clock radio when the alarm wakes you up. Grab the gun and kill it off!

(Rocking slippers07)

A hybrid clothing and furniture product that creates a personal and particular space. This project developed under the title of “body extension” and the notion of the extension of the wearable till it gets almost to the territory of independent product. On the one hand, I wanted to explore the ability of our bodies to function differently with this extension and on the other I wanted to understand privacy within furniture.


A fresh approach to bringing light to our lives

8AM is a task lamp constructed simply of braided electric wire. The flexible wire, Once passed thru and aluminum clamp, undergoes? Change of state. Elegantly transforming into the structural body of the lamp itself following the simple construction method. The 8AM task lamp is also powered on/off in an elegant manner. By touching the aluminum clamp, the user is able to trigger the ever-increasing levels of light output. This simple system consisting of a wire and a clamp. Can take on various forms to fill the home, office. Or lobby with a pleasant wash of light.

Released as a concept at saline del mobile 2007, 8AM has received much attention and game red are reviews from the public and professional lighting industry. In addition to the task lamp built, 8AM is illustrated in three other configurations? A chandelier. A wall sconce, and a floor lamp

(Chocolate Keyboard09)

So, it’s just chocolate keyboard

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