Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weird sounding synthesizer.....

Weird sounding synthesizer

Flicker member Aud1073cH created this rather hot hybrid of guitar and -

This is a synch guitar I built from a second hand First Act mini electric guitar that I stripped down, and rebuilt using Ray Wilson's WSG synch schematics. With only one Wacky/Weird/Zany voice, and without the oddness filter (it can plug into guitar pedals for effects and filters.)
Two ribbon controllers on the neck control the wacky and weird oscillator frequencies. Controls where the pickup used to be effect the Zany oscillator, and switches near the neck control the wacky send and range.
Its black with a metal flake flame paint job was my first flame project with the airbrush.

Excellently lengthy dual ribbon control! It's worth noting that "Oddness" (though not included here) is a great low pass filter and easily recreated on it's own from the. Click on for additional picas documenting the of said.

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